Old Darlington District Genealogy 
Chapter of The South Carolina 
Genealogical Society

Hartsville High School
Genealogy Contest Winners

Hartsville Genealogical Research Library
114 South Fourth Street
(mailing address P.O. Box 175)
Hartsville, SC 29551-0175


 HARTSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL GENEALOGY CONTEST WINNERS...Hartsville High School, as part of its Social Studies curriculum, offers a class in Genealogy.  From 1996 – 2000 this was an one half credit course.  In the fall of 2000 the class was expanded to a one-credit course.  ODDC SCGS member John L. Andrews, Jr. teaches the class.  The Old Darlington District Chapter, SCGS sponsors a Genealogy Project Contest for the students in the class.  Members of the ODDC SCGS judge students’ projects and cash prizes are awarded to the winners.  Previous winners include:  


Fall 2003

            1st Prize (tie)-    Pressly Coker (Photographic Family Tree)
                                                Devin Coleman (Biography of Great Grandfather)

            2nd Prize-        Donald Smith (Medical Family Tree)

        3rd Prize (tie)- Stephanie Gunnells (Medical Family Tree)
                                    Chantel Isaac (Three Generation Family History)
                                    Alicia Hicks (Interview with Grandmother)
                                    Erica Boykin (Three Generation Family History, "Not Your Typical 
                                    Sunday Dinner Family")

                                    Nicole Votta (Geographic Family Tree)

                Honorable Mention-    Heather Woodham (Interview with Grandmother)
                                                           Meg Sylvester (Power Point Pedigree)
                                                           Hebra Watson (Interview with Grandmother)
                                                           Tracy Faile (Family History Scrapbook)
                                                           Cherelle Poston (Interview with Father)
                                                           Hannah Gulledge (Interview with Grandmother)


Spring 2003  

            Gold Prize- Stephen Flowers- Video interview with great aunt and uncle, incorporated with 
                                  late 1940's home movies of downtown Hartsville.  In addition, a family photograph
                                  album covering several generations was made.

         Silver Prizes- Kelli Atkinson- Photographic Family Tree;
                       Octavia Crummy- Intergenerational Family Album;
                       Kendra Dolford- Interview with grandmother;
                       Jacob Edwards- Video Interview with great uncle;
                       Kara Hall- Intergenerational Family Photographic Album;
                       Crystal Harrell- Intergenerational Family Photographic Album;
                       Denielle Keith-  Intergenerational Family Photographic Album;
                       Kristine Schaefer-  Interview with grandmother;
                       Rex Varn-  Power Point presentation- Cousins deck of cards;
                       Tiffany Young- Intergenerational Family Photographic Album;

           Honorable Mention- Fred Kind- Interview with grandmother;
                               Blaire Rogers- Family Tree;  
                               Jereme Schmotzer- Photographic Family Tree.


Fall 2002   

            1st Prize- Amanda Goyeneche (Medical Family Tree)

            2nd Prize- Joseph Blue (Medical Family Tree)

            3rd Prize (Tie)- Lauren Able (Descendant Family Tree) and Nikki Hartis (oral
                                         interview with grandmother)

            Honorable Mention- Josh Moody (Family Pedigree Poster)


Fall 2001 

            1st Prize- Marcel Hayes

            2nd Prize- Jay Benson

            3rd Prize- Jami Munn

            4th Prize- Jessica Jones

            Honorable Mention- Dominic Benjamin, Jennifer Byrd, Rachel Johnson, Marcia
                                                 Leonard, Amy McAlister, Katie Mozingo, Amanda Rivers, Drew
                                                 Shumate, Rochelle Smith, Wendi Walden, and Heather Watkins.


January 2001

        1st Place - Jessica Howle

          2nd Place - (Tie) - Celeste Lewis and Jessica Turnage

          3rd Place - Heather Simmons

          4th Place - Tasha Bennett

          5th Place - (Tie) - Megan Faile and Tommy Warren

          Honorable Mentions - Kip Byrd, Bert Griggs, and Danielle Mixon


January 2000

        1st Place - Jordan Moore

        2nd Place - Cheryl Mihalouits

        3rd Place - Tiffany S. Austin

        4th Place -  Carla Jones

        5th Place (Tie) - Andrea Keesee and Sarah Rogers

        Honorable Mentions - Matt Arvidson, Page Hayes, Erica Ivy, and Gina Morris



1st Place - Molly Odom

2nd Place - Marilyn Hall

3rd Place - Ashley Moody

Honorable Mentions - Randall Byrd, Eric Williams, and Morgan Windham

One of the students wrote the following concerning the Genealogy Class: 

I just wanted to drop you a few lines to tell you thank you for opening up the world of Genealogy to me.  I would have never found some of the things I did if it weren’t for you.  You took the time to help me, and you made it interesting.  I will keep doing my family tree and hope to have as much information as you do on yours.



Grand Prize -  Katie Mobley

Honorable Mentions -  Marion Huggins, Ashley Koontz, Latasha Pooler, 
                                                     Ryan Cassidy, and Bryan Wilkes


MAY 1998

Grand Prize -  Lesslie Henderson

            1st Place (tie) - Cara Jones and “D.” Brown

 2nd Place (tie) -  Corey Luther and Brandy Timmons

Honorable Mentions -  Abigail Fink, Nicky Prince, Christina Reed, 
                                         Suzanne Dampier, and Melody Kelley


  MAY 1997

            Grand Prize -  Sally Venson

          Honorable Mentions - Kacy Freeman and Shaieem Trappier  


                                                            JANUARY 1997 

         Grand Prize (tie):  Jesse Avant (Photographic Family Tree)
                            Amanda Caswell (Biographies of Ancestors)
Fawn Mulvaney

            Honorable Mentions:  Jennifer Byrd (Photographic Family Tree)
                                       Andrew Cannon (Oral History Interview)    
                                Toni King (Family History Scrapbook)
Linda Strickland (Family Medical History)