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The South Carolina Genealogical Society Archives is located in the Hartsville Genealogical Research Library, 114 South Fourth Street, Hartsville, South Carolina.  The library is open Monday- 1:00 – 5:00 p.m., Friday 1:00 – 5:00 p.m., Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., and Sunday 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.  Please check the Old Darlington District Chapter, SCGS WEB site for holiday closings. SCGS members and patrons are encouraged to use the holdings of the SCGS Archives during the above listed hours. Individuals, authors, and genealogical chapters are encouraged to make contributions to the SCGS Archives. A copy of publications nominated for the annual SCGS Publications Awards is deposited in the SCGS Archives. Doris G. Gandy of Hartsville serves as the SCGS Archivist.  Below is a listing of the books in the SCGS Archives collection:

1800 Census Marion District (Liberty County), South Carolina. Transcribed and complied by Marty Grant, published by Pee Dee Chapter, SCGS.

1810 Census, Marion District, South Carolina. Transcribed and complied by Jo Church Dickerson, published by Pee Dee Chapter, SCGS.

1941 Parkerscope, Greenville, SC (High School)

7500 Marriages from Ninety-Six and Abbeville District SC 1774-1890

A B C D’s of Edgefield Genealogy Annotations to Bible Records, Cemeteries of Families - Death Notices by: Edgefield Chapter (2 copies)     


Abbeville District, SC Marriages, 1777-1852 by:  Lucas

Abstract of the Fifteenth Census of the United States (1930)

Abstracts of Conveyances, Marlborough County, SC, Volumes A-1 and AA Recorded from 1786 to 1796. By Gwen DeBerry Hendrix, published by Pee Dee Chapter, SCGS.

Accounts Audited of Revolutionary Claim, Vol. 1, Vol. 2.  (Hard Copies)

African – American Cemeteries, Volume I, Newberry County, South Carolina

Aiken County: The Only South Carolina County Founded During Reconstruction

American Genealogy, Volumes 1-3

Ancestors and Descendants of Hancock D. Suddath and Jemima Whaley Etheredge by: James Suddath Paget, Jr.

Ancestors and Descendants of Nathaniel Heyward (1766 – 1851), South Carolina Planter

Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists by: Frederick Weis 1969

Ancestry's Guide to Research 1985

Anderson County Cemeteries, Vol. 7

Anson Co., NC Deed Abstracts, Volume II

Art and Collecting Genealogy and History 1971 Addison Ford Oates

Art of Ancestor Hunting, by: Oscar Frank Stetson, 1936

Bartholomew's Children A Southern Ball Family by: Henry Fletcher Ball, Jr.

Basic Reference Books on Genealogy, Heraldry and Local History (through 1978) by: Genealogical Publishing Co.

Basic Research Kit, SGES 1974

Bastardization of a Race, The Destruction of a Civilization, A True Story about Black Pioneer Men and Women in the Turpentine Industry by: Harrietta Cook Harris

Battle of Kings Mountain With Fire and Sword by: Dykeman

Before TV, Life on a Tobacco Farm: A History of the High Hill and Pine Grove Community of Darlington County , South Carolina

Beside the Waters of the Buffalo: History of Milligan College

Bethany Cemetery Inscriptions- Charleston, SC by: Mildred Kellerhood for Charleston Chapter SCGS 1992

Better Business Letters 1969


Biographical Directory of the South Carolina House of Representatives Vol. II The Commons House of Assembly 1692-1775 by: Walter B. Edgar & N. Louise Bailey

Biography of The Struck Eagle Brigadier General Micah Jenins & A History of The 5th S.C. Vol. & The Palmetto Sharpshooters by: James Baldwin, III.

Book of Pruit: Ancestors and Descendants of James Lindsay Pruit, Due West, Abbeville County, South Carolina

Butlers of Dixie County, Fl.  by: Evonne Cline

Carolina Summers by: Mildred Miller

Cemetery Records of Abbeville Co., SC by: Bratcher, Volume 1, 1982

Cemetery Records of Abbeville County, SC by: Bratcher Volume 2, (2 copies) 1983

Cemetery Records of Richland County, SC, Volume III, Historic Columbia. Compiled by Columbia Chapter, SCGS, published by Columbia Chapter, SCGS.

Cemetery Survey, Greenville County SC. Vol. I. 1977

Chaos and Confusion! A Lecture by: Vincent L. Jones, Dean of American Genealogists

Cite Your Sources, by: Richard S. Lackey 1980

Clark Family History (250 Years of History, Memories and Family Stories) by: Virginia Clark Yarber 1995


Climbing Our Family Tree Systematically, by. George Olin Fabriskie 1969

Collection of The Columbia Journal Volumes 1 - 14 by: The Columbia Chapter SCCS

Complete Book of Emigrants by: Peter Coldham

Coroner’s Inquisitions Newberry County, South Carolina, 1879 – 1893

Cramer Family Beginning in 1752 With The Immigration From Germany To South Carolina by: Luther Wightman Hampton, Jr. & Eleanor Clyburn Wicker 1993  

Currys of South Carolina     

DAR Patriot Index, Supplements 1, 2, 3

DAR Patriot Index, Volume 1, Volume 2

Deaths and Marriages from the Darlington News 1890 - 1895 by: Robert M. DeFee  

Death and Marriage Notices from the Watchman and Observer, 1845 - 1855

Descendants of Andrew McNeill of Killyglen, County Antrim, Ireland and Related Families, by Dr. Constance Timmerman McNeill and Lowrie Wilson McNeill.

Descendants of Henry Boozer - Newberry County, South Carolina (1782-1859) by: Dallas LeRoy Phelps

Descendants of Josiah Paget I. (Bef. 1755-1811) Vol. 1 & 2 by: James Suddath Paget, Jr.

Descendants of William Cunningham of Fauquier County, Virginia and Green, South Carolina 28 July 1770 - 14 October 1853 by: James S. Paget, Jr.    

Diary From Dixie by: Mary Boykin Chesnut


Directory of Irish Family History Research Ulster Genealogical and Historical Guild

District No. 2: Military Rule In South Carolina.  Compiled by Edith Greisser.

Early Records of Fishing Creek Presby. Church, Chester Co., SC 1799-1859

Early Records of Georgia, Wilkes County, Vol. I. & II.  by:  Davidson 

Edgefield County Cemeteries, Volume IV. Complied by the Old Edgefield District

Edgefield County, S.C. Family Cemeteries and Death Notices from the S.C. Baptist Newspaper

Evergreen Cemetery Chester, S. C. Tombstone Inscriptions by: Mary Jane Gatteys Stallworth & Thomas Arrington Stallworth, Sr.

Excavations at New Windsor Township, South Carolina (Savannah River Archaeological Research

Extracts from Darlington, S.C. Newspapers, 1880 - 1884

Heritage Series 3) by: David Colin Crass, Bruce R. Penner, Tammy R. Forehand, John Huffman, Lois J. Potter, and Larry Potter.  

Familia Ulster Genealogical Review Vol. 2, No. 9, 1993 by: Ulster Genealogical & Historical Guide Newsletter

Family and Descendents of Jonathan Newman (An American Patriot from Lynches River, South Carolina) by: W. Leroy Moffett

Family Bible and Other Genealogical Records, Hemingway, SC 1979

Family Bible Records by: Old Ninety Six District Chapter SCGS

Family History, Wright-Lewis-Moore by: John Boyd

Federal Census Newberry, South Carolina: 1800, 1810, 1820

Fennessy of the County Tipperary

Five Fortune Tellers of New Windsor: The Families Tobler, Zubly, Meyer, Sturzenegger, and Nail, Swiss Pioneers of South Carolina, by Virginia Bowe Strickland.

Fords of Fairfield County SC: A Documentary History, by Sidney Ford Tatom. 

Frederick Brock - 1719 - 1807 by: Clarence C. Brock, Jr.

From You to Your Ancestors, A Basic Course, by:(Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints 1978)

Genealogical Bulletin, March-April 1997 (A Review of Published Indexes to the Federal Census, Part 2: 1850-1920 AGLL)

Genealogical How-to Letters, "When Your Ox is in the Ditch", by: Vera McDowell 1992

Genealogists Encyclopedia, by: L. G. Pine 1969

Genealogy of Randolph Murff, by: Paul Murff 1982

Genealogy of the Ancestors and Descendants of Thomas Richard Long and Ethey Angeline (Bolles) Long by: Henry H. Long

Genealogy of the Forman-Boisclair, Walker, Beers, Lacy, by: Mary Meadows

Glenn and Kin (Descendants of James Glenn of Hanover County, Virginia 1717-1993 Revised Edition 1994 by: Jeannette May Christopher

Graingers of the Carolinas, by Dr. Muriel K. Hanna. 

Greenwood County, South Carolina Cemetery Records Volume 1 by: Old Ninety Six District Chapter SCGS

Guide to Genealogical Records in the National Archives 1964 (2 copies)

Guide to Research, Genealogical Library 1983 Pamphlet  (2 copies)

Guide to Study & Reading of SC History, No. 2 by: Historical Commission 2 copies

Hilton Head Island in the Civil War by: Robert Carse

Historical Collection Of Georgia Chapters, DAR, Vol. 1

Historical Southern Families, Vol. 7 by: Boddie

History and Records of the Charleston Orphan House 1790-1860

History of Spartanburg Co., by: Landrum

History of Spartanburg County by: Dr. J. B. O. Landrum 1900

Honorable Thomas Chiles Perrin by:  Thomas Harrison, Jr. of Abbeville, S.C.

Honoring Fallen Soldiers: America's First Memorial Day, May 1, 1865, Charleston, South Carolina

How Book for Genealogists, 6th Edition 1970

How to Write Your Autobiography, by: Patricia Ann Case 1977


Index to the 1850 Mortality Schedule of SC by: Brent H. Holcomb

J.M. Connelley Funeral Home Records, Charleston, SC, Volumes 3 & 4. Compiled by Linda D. Smith, published by Linda D. Smith.

Jackson of North Pacolet: Descendants of Samuel Jackson, Sr. (Died 1796, partanburg County, South Carolina) by: Brent H. Holcomb

Jocassee Valley

John Littleton of Accomack Co. VA: His Family and Descendants by: Brian J. L. Berry

John Stephens: A Comprehensive Summary of Genealogical Research by: Shirley Stephens Miller

Journal of Alexander Chesney, SC Loyalists by: E. Alfred Jones 1921

Journal of the Commons House of Assembly 1751-1752

Keeping Faith, Memoirs of Jimmy Carter

Keys Family Sketches, Four Generations by: L. Mell Glenn 1761-1935

Kinspeak Something Else to Call Your Relatives by: Norman Hopwood, Jr.

Ladson Family of South Carolina and Georgia 1678-1900 by: Henry Gordon Fishburne

Laurens County, South Carolina: Minutes of the County Court, 1786 – 1789

Life and Letters of M. P. O'Conner 1893

Life and Times of Rev. John G. Landrum by: H. P. Griffith

Lineage Charts, SC Gen. Society Volume 1

Locating Your Immigrant Ancestor, by: James C. & Lila Lee Neasley 1975

Managing A Genealogical Project, by: William Dollarhide 1991

Marriage & Death Notices from Southern Patriot, Vol. 2

Marriage & Death Notices from Upcountry of SC by: Brent H. Holcomb 1862-1863

Marriage and Death Notices from Baptist Newspapers 1835-1865

Marriages and Death Notices from Southern Patriot Vol. 2

Marriages and Death Notices from Upper SC Newspapers, by: Brent H. Holcomb

Maryland, A History of Its People, A Teachers Guide 1986

Mauldin- Reed Families (Ancestors and Descendants of Mary Elise Mauldin Paget and Eilleen Mauldin

Mattison by: Sames Suddath Paget, Jr. 

McJunkin, A Family of Memories by: Martha Rhyne 1989

Mecklenburg County, NC Deed Abstracts 1763-1779 by: Brent H. Holcomb

Mellichamp Family History by Ecluard Henry Mellichamp, IV

Millennium Library Edition of the Ringo Family History Series, Books 1-10 by: Freeborn Family Association, Inc., Alhambra, California

Mills Atlas, Atlas of the State 1825

Names in South Carolina by: Claude Neuffer, Volumes I-XII (One book)

Names in South Carolina Vol. XXIX 1982

Nathaniel Butler Banks and Anna Barbara Artman (Ancestors and Descendants with Baber, Farrell, Johnson, Mercer, Spencer, and Related Lines) by: Gladys Deever

Naudin-Dibble Family Selected South Carolina Historical Society by: Elsie Taylor-Goins & Catherine Taylor-McConnell

Newberry Happenings, Vol. I, A - K by: Edith Greisser

Newberry Happenings Vol. II. , L - Z by: Edith Greisser

North and South Carolina Marriage Records by: William Clemens

North Carolina Land Grants in South Carolina by:  Brent H. Holcomb

Oconee County, SC Cemetery Survey, Volume 1

Once Upon A Time In Pickens County: The Amos Ladd and Lewis R. Redmond Story. By Jerry Hughes, published by Old Pendleton District Chapter, SCGS.

Oolenoy Lady: An Upcountry Life, by Elizabeth Ellison. 

Our All-Southern Family by: Carolyn Barfield Fulghum 1948 Macon, Georgia.

Our Mc’s: McCormaig, McCormac, McCormack, McCormick, McDonald, McEachern, McKellar.

Our Time In History This Wood Family.

Our Watkins Family, by Sue Clark Watkins and Betty Sue Watkins Wilkie.

Patriots at the Cowpens by: Bobby Moss 1985     

Pendleton County, SC Deed Books by: Ge Lee Corley Hendrix1790-92; 1991-95 (2 copies)

Personalities of the South 1973

Pickens County, SC Cemetery Survey, Volume 1

Pickens Family by: Monroe Pickens

Pioneers, Patriots, and Planters: First Settlers in Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia.


Poetical Works of William Cullen Bryand Household Edition 1901

Probate Records of SC, Vol. 1, Index to Inventories 1746-1785 (2 copies)

Probate Records of SC, Vol. 2

Professional Techniques and Tactics in American Genealogical Research, by: E. Kay Kirkham, 1973



Recollections and Reminiscences 1861-1865, Vol. 1, Vol. 2

Reconstruction of the Genealogy of the Wise Family of the Congarees

Reconstruction of the Wise Family of the Congarees

Record of Deaths in Columbia South Carolina by: Brent H. Holcomb

Religion and Politics in Colonial SC by; John W. Brinswield

Remembering Edgefield 1891, Book 1 and Book 2

Researchers Guide to American Genealogy, by: Val D. Greenwood 1977

Rev. Martin Ball (b. 31 July 1808, Laurens SC, d. 25 November 1859, Cherry Creek, MS) Stephens Family Supplement #2, by Shirley Stephens Martin.

Roster & Ancestral Roll, SC DAR 1954

Searching for your Ancestors 1974 (Paperback)

Seminar Transcript, Ronald A. Bremer, Nov. 10, 1984

Setzlers of the Dutch Fork SC by: Luther W. Hampton

Simplified Genealogy for Americans, E. Kay Kirckham 1968

Social New York Under the Georges 1714-1776 by: Esther Singleton

Some Descendants at David Watkins and Temperance Camp of Anderson County, South Carolina  

Some Carmichael and Weatherly Roots and Branches

Source, Appendix F 1984 (Paper)

South Carolina Brownlees by: Harry Brownlee, Jr.


South Carolina Deed Abstracts, Volumes 1-4 by:  Clara A. Langley

South Carolina Genealogical Society Lineage Charts 1976          

South Carolina Genealogical Society Lineage Charts, Vol. 3 (Hard Cover)

South Carolina Genealogical Society Surname Index 1981, (2 copies)

South Carolina Genealogical Society, Lineage Charts, Vol. 6 (4 copies), Vol. 7 (2 copies)

South Carolina Genealogical Society, Secretary’s Notes

South Carolina Historical Magazine, Several Years

South Carolina Magazine 1973-75

South Carolina Revolutionary War Indents: A Schedule. Compiled by John Lennell Andrews, Jr., published by SCMAR.

Southern Genealogists Exchange Society, Text Book I

Southern States by: Norman Edgar Wright

Stephens Family Supplement # 2: Rev. (Elder) Martin Ball, by: Shirley Stephens                Martin

Stephens Family Supplement #1: John Anderson Stephens & Sarah Hitt Ball Stephens, by: Shirley Martin


Sumter Cemetery Association Inc., Sumter, SC 1976   

Swamp Fox by: Bass

They Fell To The Southern Cause: Confederate Soldiers of the Eastern Division of Pickens District, S.C., Who Died During the U. S. Civil War 1861-65 by: Charles H. Busha

Tracing Your Ancestry, by: F. Wilbur Hembold 1978

Tracing Your Roots, Consumer Guide, 1977

Trying to See Behind Myself, by Tracey A. Sydnor. 

Upcountry Chronicle - The Heller Family of SC by: J. Roderick Heller, III

Upcountry Inquiry: Pendleton Teachers Write About Place. Written by Pendleton County High School Teachers, published by Old Pendleton District Chapter, SCGS.

W.P.A. Will Transcripts of Pendleton District & Anderson County, S.C. 1790-1857 by: Judy Chandler Ballard

Walhalla, The Garden of the Gods by: Oconee Co., Historical Soc.

War Between the States Veterans.  Compiled by Old Darlington District Chapter, SCGS, published by Old Darlington District Chapter, SCGS.

Warrants for Land in SC 1672-1679 by: A. S. Salley, Jr. (2 copies)

What to Say in Your Genealogical Letters, by: J. R. Gobble 1963

Who’s Who in the South and Southwest, by: A.N. Morgans Co. 1950 6th Edition. Vols. 6,7,8.

Who's Where in your Genealogical Records, by: J. R. Gobble 1969

Who's Who in America Vol. 30 1958-59

Who's Who of American Women, First Edition, Vol. I 1958-59

Wonderful Pilgrimage A Lanham Family History and Personal Journey by: William Joseph Lanham

World Conference on Records 1980 Vol. 3

World Conference on Records, 1980 Vol. 4, Part 2

Wyatt Hall of Edgefield, South Carolina by: Walter E. Hall

York County, South Carolina Minutes of the County Court 1786-1797 by: Laurence K. Wells