1880 – 1884

EXTRACTS FROM DARLINGTON, SC NEWSPAPERS, 1880 – 1884, transcribed by Robert M. DeFee. Genealogical and historical extracts from the Darlington News and the Darlington Vindicator (only one extant copy) are contained in DeFee’s latest contribution to Darlingtoniana. Newspapers have been called “history's first draft.” Today's headlines may, or more likely, may not, become tomorrow's history lessons. This is also true of the newspapers during the 1880’s in Darlington . Nevertheless, these extracts certainly give us insight into the lives lived by our ancestors 120 years ago. Legal notices, obituaries, marriages, county fairs, accidents, crimes, and humor all appear in these papers. The “Local Items” have always provided special insight. Many surrounding communities had a correspondent who wrote a weekly column. Thus we see “Clamor Around Lisbon,” “Coolings From Doves,” ‘Lisps From Lydia,” “Cartersville Items,” “Radii From the Center,” “Facts From Florence,” “Timmonsville Items,” “Philadelphia Items,” “Shingles From Cypress,” “Society Hill Items,” “Hartsville Dots,” “Ebenezer Etchings,” “Palmetto Leaves,” “Stokes Bridge Planks,” “Twitterings From Sparrow Swamp,” and “Shavings From Mechanicsville” (to name a few). The cover of this book needs a special mention.  The front is a reproduction of the front page of the May 6, 1880 issue of the Darlington News, while the back cover is a reproduction of the back page of the same issue. Because of the loss of the 1890 Census, this title is a valuable tool for Darlington researchers.  The twenty year gap in census records can be bridged by using resources such as this. © 2004, Soft cover, 307 pages, full name index (including maiden names). Price- $35.00 plus $4.00 shipping.  Order from: Old Darlington District Chapter, SCGS, PO Box 175 , Hartsville , SC 29551-0175 .


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