EXTRACTS FROM DARLINGTON, SC NEWSPAPERS: THE CIVIL WAR AND RECONSTRUCTION, VOLUME I, 1860 - 1868, by Robert M. DeFee and John L. Andrews, Jr. The Middle Period in American History, the War Between the States and Reconstruction, has always fascinated individuals. The war and the subsequent Reconstruction continue to evoke strong emotions to this day. The local newspapers of that period provide a sense of the day-to-day triumphs and tragedies which were a part of people's lives. During the late 1860's the town of Darlington, South Carolina had several newspapers. These included the Darlington Flag, the Darlington Southerner, the Southern Confederation, the New Era, and the Darlington Democrat. This book provides genealogical extracts from a nine year period, 1860 - 1868, from the latter four newspapers. These five newspapers were not all published simultaneously. Some, notably the Southern Confederation, and the New Era, appeared in order to present a particular political viewpoint, and then disappeared when the issue was no longer in the public eye. Local historians and genealogists have long recognized the valuable role that newspapers can play in research.  Vital records and marriage records in nineteenth century South Carolina are almost nonexistent.  Researchers must rely upon substitute sources of information when trying to gather data on a particular event.  Local newspapers are often times the only source of information on deaths and marriages.  Legal notices help illuminate the lives of individuals who lived during a particular time.  The War Between the States and the Reconstruction Period provide additional information for researchers in the form of Confederate military and tax notices as well as Reconstruction Era military occupation and Freedmen's Bureau notices. This book presents the above mentioned notices, as well as local news items, taken from extant Darlington District newspapers published between 1860 and 1868. 436 pages, 2004, soft cover, full name index, Library of Congress Number 2004116123. Price- $35.00 plus $4.00 postage and handling.


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