The Darlington Flag Newsletter

   DESCENDANTS OF JOHN WEAVER, 1625, ENGLAND, by E. Frank Melton...The first five
    generations of Weavers in this history resided in Virginia and North Carolina.  Travis
    Weaver (ca. 1780 1849) , the progenitor of the Darlington County Weavers was born
    in Virginia.  He and his wife, Dianna (1780 1852) had six known children:  William
    Henry Weaver, John D. Weaver, Dianna Elizabeth Weaver, Wiley Whittington Weaver,
    and Martha A.R. Weaver.  2000, 71 pages, soft bound, full name index. Price:
$4.00 shipping for first book and $1.50 for each additional book. 


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