Summer 2002

The Darlington Flag Newsletter

WAR BETWEEN THE STATES VETERANS, presented by the Old Darlington District Chapter, SCGS and the War Between the States Museum. Edited by E. Frank Melton. This idea was born in December 2000 at a chapter meeting of the ODDC SCGS.  How could we both preserve and make available the likenesses of those soldiers who served in the War Between the States? After much discussion, E. Frank Melton suggested that we ask our membership to contribute photographs of ancestors who served in this war along with genealogical information. The ODDC could then offer these likenesses for sale in both a CD ROM version as well as a traditional book version. Our membership responded with nearly one hundred photographs, family stories, and numerous genealogies. In the fall of 2001 the ODDC was joined by the War Between the States Museum of Florence, SC in this project.  The Museum became a partner and contributed over one hundred photographs of Confederate soldiers, as well as a few Union soldiers. A total of 349 soldiers are presented in this collection. Most, but not all, have ties to the Pee Dee area of South Carolina. Of these 349 soldiers, 208 photographs are presented. Many photographs were taken during the war, but others show the veteran after the war along with his wife and family. At a minimum, each veteran is identified and his unit given. A full citation provides the above information as well as parents' names, birth and death dates, wife's maiden name, children's names and spouses, and a short biography. As a bonus, the CD ROM version presents over 500 pages of additional information. The most notable example is histories of the majority of Confederate units in which these veterans served. In many cases complete rosters are provided as well as a listing of the battles and campaigns the unit fought. The CD ROM version is viewed as a WEB page by Microsoft Explorer, available on most IBM compatible computers. Each CD page can be printed if the owner so desires. The old cliché is applicable in this situation; this was a total team effort. The ODDC SCGS membership is to be applauded for submitting veterans' photographs, genealogical information, and biographies. The War Between the States Museum should be saluted for willingly making its collection of veterans' photographs available. Hats go off to Brenda Melton for providing valuable assistance to Frank during a "road trip" to the War Between the States Museum to scan each photograph in its collection and for providing over a year's worth of support to Frank during this project. Finally our highest accolades go to E. Frank Melton for his dedication and attention to detail in this project. Many will be disappointed that they did not submit information on their own WBTS ancestors and will clamor for the production of a Volume II. E. Frank Melton can only answer to the feasibility of an additional volume. If interested, please contact Frank at: This project rates a best buy and is highly recommended by this reviewer.
Book Version:  © 2002, Library of Congress Control Number:  2002105569, 297 pages, soft cover, index. Price- $30.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling.  Order from:  Old Darlington District Chapter, SCGS, P.O. Box 175, Hartsville, SC  29551-0175. 

CD ROM Version: © 2002, Library of Congress Control Number:  2002105569, 800+ pages, index. Price- $25.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling.  Order from:  Old Darlington District Chapter, SCGS, P.O. Box 175, Hartsville, SC  29551-0175. 


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