South Carolina Revolutionary War Indents

South Carolina Revolutionary War Indents: A Schedule by John Lennell Andrews, Jr. Hard cover, 8 x 11 format, 118 + vi pages, indexed. Price $30.00 plus $4.00 shipping. This schedule was compiled in 1791 but has remained unpublished until now. It contains summarized information on an individual's claim for services or materials provided during the Revolution. While most of this information can be obtained from other sources, one column on these schedules lists the district in which the patriot lived, thus helping to identify the person who provided the service. Often there was more than one person of the same name who served in the military or provided service in the Revolution. Stub Entries to Indents have been published previously, but some of these stubs and indents are missing. This schedule provides information from forty-two missing stubs. An important and useful new research tool for the Revolution in South Carolina.


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