The Darlington Flag Newsletter

   DESCENDANTS OF WILLIAM & MARY REYNOLDS, by Edwin Lavin Large, Jr. ...The Old
    Darlington District Chapter, SCGS has reissued this history of the Reynolds family by
    the late Lavin Large.  This reissued publication now contains a full name index (thanks
    to Lynn W. Lee).  The children of this couple included:  Abraham Reynolds (married
    unknown), James Reynolds (married Matilda ___?___ ), William Reynolds (married
    Elizabeth Moore), Daniel Reynolds (married Winneford Reynolds), Elizabeth Reynolds
    (married George Mims, Sr.), Nancy Reynolds (married James Windham), Dolly
    Reynolds (married Daniel Windham), Sarah Reynolds (married Amos Windham, Jr.),
    Penelope Reynolds (married Capt. George W. Mims), and Mary Reynolds (married
    William Spires).  2000, Library of Congress Number:  00-111643.  240 pages, soft
    bound, full name index. Price:
$30.00 plus $4.00 shipping for first book and $1.50 for 
    each additional book. 


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