Summer 2002

The Darlington Flag Newsletter

GENEALOGICAL EXTRACTS FROM THE PEE DEE WATCHMAN 1877 AND THE DARLINGTON NEWS 1878 - 1879, by Robert M. DeFee.  Local historians and genealogists have long recognized the valuable role newspapers can play in research.  Vital records and marriage records in nineteenth century South Carolina are almost non-existent.  Researchers must rely upon substitute sources of information when trying to gather data on a particular event.  Local newspapers are often times the only source of information on deaths and marriages.  Legal notices help illuminate the lives of individuals who lived during a particular time. However, finding information on a particular individual or event in a newspaper is hampered by two shortcomings.  The first shortcoming is that newspapers are often not available to many researchers.  For many researchers there is no convenient way to access this valuable source of information.  The second shortcoming is that the newspapers were not indexed.  Discovering information required a page-by-page search of each newspaper, a time consuming process. The information contained in this publication directly addresses each of the shortcomings mentioned above.  Robert M. DeFee has extracted information from every known issue of the Pee Dee Watchman and Darlington News.  Copies of these newspapers may be found at the Darlington County Historical Commission in Darlington, S.C.  Microfilm copies of these newspapers may also be found at the South Caroliniana Library and the Hartsville Genealogical Research Library. Marriage notices, death notices and obituaries, legal notices, and many other items of interest are contained within these pages.  This information is now available to researchers in a convenient format.  An extensive index ensures that items can be easily found. 2002, Library of Congress Control Number:  2002108970, approximately 410 pages, soft cover, full name index,. Price- $35.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling.  Order from:  Old Darlington District Chapter, SCGS, P.O. Box 175, Hartsville, SC  29551-0175. 


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