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    MELTON – ENGLAND 1536: SEVENTEEN GENERATIONS, by E. Frank Melton...Each
    family historian at some point in their life ponders the question of whether they
    should undertake the compilation of the history of their family name.  Years are
    spent researching, corresponding, assembling, and sorting mounds of information
    until the answer becomes obvious.  An effort must be made to preserve and pass on
    this research to future generations.  Frank Melton has gone through this process and
    the result of his research is now available for all.  The Melton immigrant was William
    Melton, born ca. 1617 in England and died ca. 1670 in Charles City, Virginia.  His
    descendants follow the usual migration patterns and, as can be imagined, soon spew
    forth from Virginia to North Carolina, South Carolina, and beyond.  These descendants
    are numerous and well represented in Melton’s compilation.  Of particular interest to
    the readers of this review are the descendants of Jesse Melton, b. ca. 1770-80 in
    Albemarle County, VA and d. September 1833 in Anson County, NC.  A transcription of
    his will is included in which he names his children Jamima Churhwell, Catherine Melton,
    Robert Melton, Michael Melton, Joseph Melton, Jesse Melton, grandson Balestine Brown,
    and wife Mary Melton.  The descendants of Jesse Melton, many of whom have ties to
    Chesterfield and Darlington Counties, SC, comprise the majority of this work. 
© 2000, 369 pages, soft bound, full name index. Price:
$45.00 plus $4.00 shipping for
    first book and
$1.50 for each additional book. 


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