Fall 1995

The Darlington Flag Newsletter

The King’s Footprints: Descendants of Gillium King & His Wives: Nancy Jowers & Margaret Outlaw, by Jill King Lyles.  Many genealogical researchers in Chesterfield County, SC are frustrated by the lack of county records.  Jill K. Lyles overcomes this problem in her latest genealogical book on the Gillum King family.  Gillum King (born ca. 1783, NC, died 27 March 1858, Chesterfield District, SC) was the eldest son of George King (born ca. 1755, died 1840, Chesterfield District, SC) and Winnie Hill (born ca. 1755, NC. died 1850 in Chesterfield District, SC).  Thirteen children were born to his first wife, Nancy Jowers, daughter of John Jowers of NC.  Gillum King’s second marriage to Margaret Outlaw produced one child.  The marriages of each of these fourteen children are given and the resulting families are carried down to the present day in many cases.  Many of these families have descendants scattered over the adjoining counties of Darlington, Lee, and Kershaw.  Lyles promises forthcoming volumes on the daughters of George King which will include marriages into the Sowell, Newman, Jowers, and Thomas families.  It is hoped that Lyles will address the speculation that Winnie Hill King, wife of George King, lived to be a centenarian, in these forthcoming volumes.  224 pages of text, 282 total pages including an every name index, paper bound, spiral publication. Price: $55.00 plus $4.00 shipping for first book and $1.50
for each additional book.  


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