Spring 1994

The Darlington Flag Newsletter

Garner Trials (142 pages); Miller Trails (32 pages); Gibson Trails (42 pages) by Frank Miller Richey.  Frank Richey, and his laptop computer, have become familiar sights at the Darlington County Historical Commission recently.  These three spiral bound books are the results of his research efforts.  Each book details the genealogy of a Darlington County family.  The first mentioned book, gives information concerning the family of John and Mary Cole Garner.  Garner, a Revolutionary War veteran, left a host of descendants, including this reviewer.  The lines of Garner’s known children are followed.  Many intermarriages with other Darlington families are noted and are of interest to researchers.  Richey’s second effort details the family of Andrew Ferdinand and Martha Ann Ellis Miller.  Miller was born in Germany and died in Hartsville, SC in 1896.  Gibson Trails follows the descendants of Nelson K. Gibson and his two wives, Sarah Thomas and Elizabeth Sparrow.  Nelson K. Gibson was born in 1816 in Richmond County, NC and died in Darlington County in 1873.  There are strong Chesterfield County, SC connections in this family.  Each family is followed down to the current generation.  Each book is a valuable addition to the growing number of books concerning Darlington County. Price- $40.00 plus $4.00 shipping for first book and $1.50 for each additional book.   


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