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   FLORENCE, S.C. BIRTH AND DEATH REGISTRATIONS, 1895-1906, Transcribed by 
    John L. Andrews, Jr
...South Carolina genealogical researchers have been hampered 
    by a lack of vital statistics.  Although there are notable exceptions, statewide birth 
    and death records were not kept by the State of South Carolina until 1915.  However,
    several municipalities kept records of births and deaths prior to the mandate for
    statewide records.  The City of Charleston is probably the best-known example. 
Beginning in 1895, three additional cities began to record births and deaths, Aiken,
    Newberry, and Florence.  The Florence records are presented in this book.  The birth
    records are remarkable for their detailed picture of each event.  Beginning in June, 
    1895, these records reveal for each birth: the date of birth, the child’s surname, the 
    name of the physician or midwife present, the child’s gender, race, and place of birth, 
    and the parents’ names, residence, place of birth, and occupation.  In addition,
    information is provided on stillborn births, illegitimate births, and multiple births.  It
    should be noted that in many cases both the names of the mother and father are
    provided for illegitimate births.  State law prohibits the release of information 
    contained on birth records for 100 years, thus no birth records after December 31, 
   1899, are contained in this publication. 

    The death records contain similar information.  For each death within the City of 
    Florence, detailed records were kept.  The name of the deceased, date of death, 
    race, residence, place of death, age, birthplace, time of residence within Florence, 
    the attending physician, and place of burial for each event is given.  Among the
    cemeteries noted are the Fraternal Cemetery and the Potters’ Field Cemetery, both 
    of which are now abandoned and largely forgotten. Other burials were in better-known
    cemeteries, however permanent tombstones never marked many of these.   It is 
    believed that the City of Florence kept these death records until 1915.  However, the
    records located by the Old Darlington District Chapter, SCGS end in 1906.  Efforts are 
    now underway to acquire records made after 1906.  © 2000, 172 pages, soft cover, 
    spiral bound, indexed, Library of Congress Number 99-075922. Price:
$20.00 plus
$4.00 shipping for first book and $1.50 for each additional book.


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