FALL 2000  

The Darlington Flag Newsletter

   DARLINGTON FLAG INDEX, Volumes I - X, 1989 - 1999, edited by Lynn Wilkie Lee...In
    late 1989 the Old Darlington District Chapter, SCGS decided to publish a quarterly
    newsletter.  That first issue contained news of our genealogical chapter, a few book
    reviews, and several queries.  Since that humble beginning, the size and scope of the
    Darlington Flag has expanded.  Now each issue contains forty pages of news, queries,
    acquisitions, book reviews, and most importantly, transcriptions of Darlington primary
    documents.  However, during the eleven years history of The Flag, it has never had an
    index.  The editor decided early in this endeavor that an individual issue index
    consumed too many pages that could be better used to publish additional genealogical
    content.  To all those who have bemoaned this decision, help is at hand.  Thanks to the
    efforts of our dedicated Secretary/Treasurer, Lynn Wilkie Lee, the long awaited index
    to the Darlington Flag, has been published.  This index contains nearly 40,000
    references to all persons (slave and free, past and present), all churches, all
    cemeteries, all watercourses, and all other states and counties mentioned in the first
    ten years of publication.  Our hats are off to Lynn for this fine effort.  2000, 357
    pages, soft bound, Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:  00-108001. Price:
$4.00 shipping for first book and $1.50 for each additional book.


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