Summer 2002

The Darlington Flag Newsletter

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, S.C. GENEALOGICAL SERIES: ANTECEDENTS AND DESCENDANTS OF REV. EDWARD PIGG, compiled by James C. Pigg.  The tendency among many genealogical researchers, when it comes to their own surname, is either to rush into print an incomplete, poorly researched manuscript, or to take the opposite approach and never publish a history of their family for fear that the next great discovery lies just around the archival corner. To his credit, James C. Pigg has traveled a genealogical road few take with the publishing of his latest book. Pigg has decided to publish a well-researched and documented family history, keeping in mind that revisions and additions may someday be necessary. Pigg, well known to most Chesterfield County researchers, has made good use of his earlier efforts to publish Chesterfield County records, and included a wealth of primary and secondary source information to document many lines. Edward Pigg was born about 1741 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia and died before 1830 in Chesterfield County, S.C. The earliest documentation of Edward Pigg appears in a Virginia apprentice indenture dated 1759. The indenture stipulates that Pigg is to be taught the carpenter's trade as well as to read and write (an important skill for a future minister). The next quarter of a century of Pigg's life remains a mystery, as the next documentation of Edward Pigg is in 1784 when he purchased 250 acres of land from the state of South Carolina on Rafting Creek in Camden District. From this point forward, this family history carefully documents numerous land transactions, census enumerations, and appearances in the early Baptist records of South Carolina. Citations for Rev. Edward Pigg were found in several counties including Chesterfield, Fairfield, Lancaster, and Sumter. Even more interesting are the many references to Rev. Pigg found in the early Baptist Church records of South Carolina (including Gum Branch Baptist Church of Darlington County) and southern North Carolina. Rev. Edward Pigg fathered seven known children: Charles Filkes, Edward, Sarah (married James Byers), Susannah, Moses (married Winney ___?___ ), Johnny (married Catherine ___?___ ), and a possible unmarried daughter (Lucy) of Rev. Edward Pigg. Each line of these children is carried forward and documented with numerous wills, land transactions, census records, death certificates, obituaries, and military records. As with many early Chesterfield families, the Pigg family is intertwined with dozens of northern South Carolina and southern North Carolina families. Again, James C. Pigg is to be congratulated on this latest effort. This reviewer understands that histories of additional early Chesterfield families will be forthcoming from Pigg. 1999, 361 pages, soft cover, full name index. Price- $35.00 plus $4.00 shipping for first book and $1.50 for each additional book.  Order from: Old Darlington District Chapter, SCGS, Post Office Box 175, Hartsville, SC 29551-0175.


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