The Darlington Flag Newsletter

   DEATH & MARRIAGES FROM THE DARLINGTON NEWS, 1890-1895, abstracted by Robert 
    M. DeFee
...This is the first of what is expected to be a series of death and marriage
    notices from old Darlington District newspapers.  As many South Carolina genealogical
    researchers know, generally speaking death certificates and marriage licenses did not
    begin until the 20th century.  Not only has DeFee included notices of deaths and
    marriages, he has also included legal notices, engagement announcements, and 
    several spectacular events including accounts of the Darlington Riot.  This publication
    takes on an additional importance considering the loss of the 1890 Census.  The word
    “abstracted” is certainly a misnomer when applied to this publication.  Each notice 
    and article is 100% complete giving complete names and numerous details.  Soft 
    cover, Library of Congress Number 99-070103, © 1999, 344 pp., index.
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