The Darlington Flag Newsletter

    FROM 1851 – 1861,
abstracted by Robert M. DeFee...This promises to be the one of
    the Old Darlington District Chapter’s best selling publications.  Robert M. DeFee is to
    be commended for his dedication and devotion to Darlington genealogy.  DeFee has
    located every known issue of the antebellum Darlington Flag and extracted each article,
    advertisement, or notice that contained information of a genealogical nature.  There
    are the usual obituary and marriage notices.  In addition to these, we find legal notices
    of sheriff’s sales, probated estates, suits in equity, and reports from the Commissioner’s
    of the Poor.  Lists of letters at the post office, land advertisements, crime reports,
    prisoner escapes, pardons, notices of court martial, lists of hotel guests, and railroad
    accidents help round out this genealogical cornucopia.  There are numerous references
    to adjacent districts as well as other states. For African-American researchers there are
    nearly 500 references to slaves extracted from estate divisions, suits of equity,
    runaway notices, and other announcements.  All researchers with Darlington
    ancestors will find something of value in this publication.  Two examples follow: 

Died-  On the 29th ult., Mrs. Siney Odum, aged 93 years, being the oldest inhabitant in Darlington District.  During fifty-one years of her long life, she was a member of the Methodist Church.


[Issue of April 9, 1851]


I will sell at Darlington Court House, at public outcry, on the 16th of March, being Tuesday of Court week, three valuable Negroes, viz:  John aged about thirty-five years; Mira, aged about forty-five years; and Dolly, aged about fifteen years – to foreclose a mortgage from William W. Campbell to me.  Terms made known on the day of the sale.   Saml. W. Evans.

    This book is invaluable for all serious Darlington researchers. © 2000, Library of
    Congress Number- 00-11143.  206 pages, soft bound, full name index. Price:
$4.00 shipping for first book and $1.50 for each additional book.


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