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    CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, SC: DEATH CERTIFICATES (Caucasian) 1921-1925, compiled 
    by James C. Pigg
...This is the second installment in this valuable series by 
    Chesterfield researcher and publisher, James C. Pigg.  As most S.C. genealogical
    researchers soon realize, death certificates did not begin in this state until 1915.  
This is certainly a handicap, but researchers continuously seek ways around this
    problem.  Pigg’s most recent book takes a different approach by using the information
    available in S.C. death certificates to the fullest advantage.  Each Caucasian death
    certificate has been examined and abstracted in this publication.  All genealogical
    information has been extracted and presented.  This information includes:  name of 
    the deceased person, township, certificate number, age at death, date of birth, place 
    of birth, parents name (including mother’s maiden name, if given), place of parents’ 
    birth, marital status, date of death, cause of death, place of burial, and the informant’s
    name.  A sample abstract is given below:

Odom, Gilliam C.-  Cole Hill. 11843, aged about 90 years, born in SC, married, a farmer, son of Needham Cassidy of SC and a Odom  of SC, died August 31, 1922, of old age, and is buried at Bear Creek Cemetery.

This would certainly be a valuable additional for Chesterfield researchers who do not have ready access to the death certificate records of South Carolina.  Published by Chesterfield County, SC Genealogical Services.  113 pages, soft cover, index. Price: $20.00 plus $4.00 shipping for first book and $1.50 for each additional book.


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