Spring 1997

The Darlington Flag Newsletter

   Byrd Trails and Richey Trails, by Frank Miller Richey.  This short review will give notice 
   to our members of Frank Richey’s most recent contributions to SC genealogy.  Byrd 
  Trails enumerates the descendants of Darlington District resident William Byrd (d. 10
  March 1803).  Richey concentrates on the family of Byrd’s son (also named William 
  Byrd) and his wife Mary Griggs.  Ten children were born to this couple.  These ten 
  children married into numerous Darlington families including Griggs, DeWitt, Mason, 
  and Hill families.  Richey Trails traces the descendants of Andrew W. Richey and Mariah
  Park Sims Richey of Abbeville County, SC.  Andrew W. Richey was born 28 December 
  1819 and died 11 December 1862.  His wife was born 3 December 1823 and died 5 
  October 1859.  Five children were born into this family.  Richey Trails is somewhat a
  departure from previous Trails books, in that it includes 24 pedigree charts.  Byrd Trails,
  115 pages, soft bound.  Richey Trails, 40 pages, soft bound. Price: $
45.00 plus $4.00
  shipping for first book and $1.50 for each additional book.


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