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, by James C. Pigg...Obituaries often provide researchers with information
    that cannot be obtained from tombstones or death certificates.  Of course, the
    information provided in obituaries must be taken with a grain of salt, errors do occur.
Cheraw has long overshadowed the county seat of Chesterfield in a variety of ways,
    including the publication of newspapers.  Newspapers from Cheraw were published as
    early as the 1820’s.  Chesterfield, on the other hand, did not publish a newspaper until
    over fifty years later.  Unfortunately, those earliest papers are not extant.  James C.
    Pigg has used the extant copies of the Chesterfield Advertiser to produce this most
    recent addition to his long list of Chesterfield titles.  Pigg’s most recent contribution to
    Chesterfield genealogical research fills a gap that has long existed.  In a departure from
    many books of this type, Pigg has chosen to publish the entire obituary of each
    individual, not an abstract of the obituary.  This assists the researcher by providing
    additional details concerning the deceased.  An example is presented below:

April 27, 1916, page 4, col. 7:  At the home of her husband, Mr. Randolph Freeman, Mrs. Fannie Freeman died on Friday, April 14th, and was buried at Zoar cemetery the following Saturday, the Rev. J.L. Tyler officiating.  The illness of Mrs. Freeman was of short duration.  She was a faithful member of the Methodist Church and a lifelong Christian.  She was a sister to Mrs. W.S. Lewis, and Messrs. J.W. and W.A. Adams.  She leaves ten children as follows:  Hadley, John, Willie, Tien, Nottie, Ross, Ray, Mary, and two babies, a boy and a girl.

    Pigg expects to continue the publication of obituaries from the Chesterfield
through 1950, a series that may encompass as many as five books. 
    He is to commended for this effort to shed more light on Chesterfield County. 
© 2001, 138 pages, soft bound, full name index. Price:
$35.00 plus $4.00 shipping for 
    first book and
$1.50 for each additional book.


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