1869 MILITIA ROLL FOR CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, SC by James C. Pigg.  In 1869 the South Carolina General Assembly, in response to increased KKK activity during the fall of the previous year, created a new state militia. These integrated military units were designed to reduce the level of KKK violence in the state. Over time, the militia enlisted over 100,000 citizens and became an almost all-black unit.  However, at its inception, both blacks and whites appear on the muster rolls. These muster rolls are available on each county, and the originals are available at the South Carolina Archives. Within each county, units are listed by township. James C. Pigg has continued in his quest to transcribe and make available a multitude of sources on Chesterfield County, a burned county.  The 1869 Militia Roll is the latest example. Within each township information is provided which includes name, race, age, and occupation of each militia member. Pigg points out in his introduction that the 1870 Census of Chesterfield County is plagued by nearly illegible handwriting and the over zealous use of first initials in the place of first names. This transcription of the 1869 Militia Roll should held alleviate some of these problems. This is a wonderful source for those hard-to-find individuals from the burned county of Chesterfield.  A map of the townships of Chesterfield County is included. 2003, $15.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling. Order from Old Darlington District Chapter, SCGS, Post Office Box 175, Hartsville, SC 29551-0175.


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