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    OF COMMON PLEAS 1823-1869,
by James C. Pigg...Genealogical research in Chesterfield
    County has long been hampered by the loss of records suffered during Sherman’s March
    through South Carolina in 1865.  Every Chesterfield researcher knows the story well,
    elements of the Union army burned the Chesterfield Court House with an almost total 
    loss of records.  To most of these researchers, the title of this reviewed book should 
    come as some surprise.  James Pigg has collected in this volume nearly 100 wills which
    survive from Cheraw District and Chesterfield District: 37 colonial wills and 55 
    antebellum wills.  These full text wills were either recorded in Charles Town during the
    colonial period, recorded in extant Chesterfield will books, or were part of various equity
    suits.  Of equal value is the abstracts Pigg has included from the Court of Common Pleas
    Journal.  One hundred and forty-seven estates are listed, including information on 
    dozens of individuals who died intestate.  An example of one such abstract follows:

   #24-  Beeson, J.A.U. & wife vs. Steven Jackson- Bill for discovery account & relief, 
    1850.   Isaac Timmons died intestate in 1846; leaving widow, Sarah Timmons and
    children:  Sarah Ann who intermarried with Jonathon A. Beeson (Beason), resided in
    Anson County, NC; Samuel D. Timmons; Martha P. Timmons who intermarried with 
    Philip G. Henry, resided in Marshall County, MS; daughter (Roxanna Timmons) who
    intermarried with Stephen Jackson. 

    A full name index makes this publication indispensable to those among us with
    Chesterfield ancestors.  An added bonus for those researching African American 
    heritage is that nearly every page contains the names of slaves belonging to the 
    estate of the deceased.  Clearly, this is Pigg’s most valuable contribution to the 
    growing number of Chesterfield titles he has made available.  © 2000, 169 pages, 
    soft cover, spiral bound. Price:
$35.00 plus $4.00 shipping for first book and $1.50 
    for each additional book. 


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