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Edwin Lavin Large Jr's
Photo Collection

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The following photos are on a CD in the files of the Hartsville Genealogical Research Library. Photo Quality copies of these photo are available for purchase, 8 x 10 $10.00 (postpaid). These photo may be viewed at the Hartsville Genealogical Research Library. For additional information on the Edwin Lavin Large Jr. Photo Collection e-mail ODDC or write: Old Darlington District Chapter, SCGS, P.O. Box 175, Hartsville, SC 29551-0175

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 Edwin Lavin Large Jr.



   Ackerman, Mr. & Mrs. H.W. 1930s
    Alexander, Abigail
    Alexander, Charles Mitchell & Martha Jane Crosswell
    Alexander, Charles Mitchell
    Alexander, Frances Gamewell born 1864
    Alexander, J. Benjamin
    Alexander, Lou Mood & gdau Margaret Ann Reynolds 1939
    Alexander, Lou Mood
    Alexander, Mattie Mae
    Bass, George Washington
    Clements, Thursa Ann Stuckey
    Crosswell, Ladson M. & Sarah Jane Reynolds # 1
    Crosswell, Ladson M. & Sarah Jane Reynolds # 2
    Crosswell, Ladson M.

    Edwards, Ben & Annie Freeman Edwards
    Epworth School Lydia, SC. 1915
    Fields, Alexander Sylkirh born 1856
    Fields, Dewitt
    Fields, Ephriam Dewitt & 1st wife Elizabeth Taylor
    Fields, Orpha Mahala & dau Lula Anna Fields Large
    Florence & Elise Nov. 24, 1897
    Freeman, Emma Hendrix # 1
    Freeman, Emma Hendrix # 2
    Freeman, Furman & wife Caroline Galloway
    Hamly, Richard Dana (descendant of James Hendrix)
    Harrell, Thompson
    Hendrix, Clarissa Adeline # 1
    Hendrix, Clarissa Adeline # 2
    Hendrix, Dora
    Hendrix, J. Porter & Ellen Mims
    Hendrix, James Porter # 1
    Hendrix, James Porter # 2
    Hendrix, James Porter (left) & Ellen Mims (right)
    Hendrix, Joseph P. Rev.
    Hendrix, Lula
    Hendrix, Robert S. # 1
    Hendrix, Robert S. # 2
    Hendrix, Sarah Susanna & child Ruth Reynolds
    Hendrix, Sarah Susanna (left) & (right) Dora Hendrix Howell
    Hendrix, Victoria
    Howell, Edith Koon & son Richard
    Howell, Mr. & Mrs. Hardy Howell & son Grady
    Jordan, Lila Belle Stuckey 1988
    Large Family
    Large, Addison Walker & wife Susie McMahan Large
    Large, Agnes & Curley
    Large, Agnes Reynolds age 96
    Large, Amaryllis
    Large, Angus Jr. (l) Grower Flank Large (m)Grower Large Sr
    Large, Cynthia
    Large, Dewitt & (mother) Lula Fields Large 1940
    Large, Edwin Lavin Jr. & Jake
    Large, Edwin Lavin Jr. & Marvin Lester Reynolds Jr. 1930
    Large, Edwin Lavin Jr. & Mazzalee Keith Large 1944
    Large, Edwin Lavin Jr. (l) (m) Bubble Gene Reyes (r) Lamural
    Large, Edwin Lavin Jr. 1935
    Large, Edwin Lavin Jr. 1944
    Large, Edwin Lavin Jr. 1988
    Large, Edwin Lavin Jr. 1994
    Large, Edwin Lavin Jr. US Air Force
    Large, Edwin Lavin Sr. # 1
    Large, Edwin Lavin Sr. # 2
    Large, Edwin Lavin Sr. # 3
    Large, Harrison & wife Mary Catherene
    Large, Isaac & wife Rebecca Clark
    Large, Jacob
    Large, James Edwin (right)
    Large, James Ralph & Lula Anna Fields Large dau. Amaryliss
    Large, James Ralph wife Anna Fields, Edwin,Nancy, Fannie
    Large, James
    Large, John
    Large, Lula A. Fields
    Large, Lula Ann (l-r) Nan Large Galloway, Faye Galloway
    Large, Mary Anna (l) (m) Agnes Large (r) Edwin Lavin Large Jr
    Large, Mary Anna
    Large, Mary Frances Privette
    Large, Mazzalee Keith 1940
    Large, Sidney
    Large, William Harrison & wife Hannann Noris Large
    Large, William
    Lloyd, Rosier Wellie
    Lloyd, Worley Elihue & wife Margaret Eliza Modina Stokes
    Mather, Mary Mims & child unidentified
    Mims, Abijah & granddaughter Sonnie Thompson
    Mims, Abijah & amry Elizabeth Reynolds
    Mims, Abijah Children James Wesley, Lula M. Ethel
    Mims, Abijah Sons
    Mims, Abijah, Mary Elizabeth Reynolds gdau Sonnie Thompson
    Mims, James W. KIA CSA
    Mims, Joe & Nell Mims & Jake Mims
    Mims, Leon & daughters
    Mims, Leon
    Mims, Mary Reynolds & daughters
    Mims, Thomas # 1
    Mims, Thomas # 2
    Mims, Willard (his Barber Shop in Florence, SC.)
    Mims, Willard M. & mother Louisa M. Stuckey # 1
    Mims, Willard M. & mother Louisa M. Stuckey # 2
    Mixon, Lula Hendrix (left) & (right) dau. Bilzie
    Nesbitt, Margaret Ann Reynolds, Thomas Robert, Marcia Ann 1984
    Nesbitt, Thomas Raymond 1987
    Nesbitt, Thomas Robert 1987
    Privette, James (Jim) left & right James (Jim) Hendrix
    Privette, James (Jim)
    Privette, James Henry & wife Edith Ann Bass
    Privette, John Hicks & wife Martha A. Mixon Beasley # 1
    Privette, John Hicks & wife Martha A. Mixon Beasley # 2
    Reyes, Bubble Gene & wife Lamurl
    Reynolds, Agnes
    Reynolds, Carroll Wooster
    Reynolds, Charles
    Reynolds, Clem
    Reynolds, Ella Minerva wife of Walter Lee Stuckey
    Reynolds, Eva Best 1918 # 1
    Reynolds, Eva Best 1918 # 2
    Reynolds, Flossie age 14 (left) & Allene Reynolds age 12
    Reynolds, James Fulton 1983
    Reynolds, John Wesley # 1
    Reynolds, John Wesley # 2
    Reynolds, John Wesley # 3
    Reynolds, John Wesley 21 years old
    Reynolds, John Wesley wife Mary Alice Hendrix son Joseph
    Reynolds, Joseph Bethea
    Reynolds, Julius Mood 1988
    Reynolds, Louisa Stuckey
    Reynolds, Margaret Ann 1942
    Reynolds, Marvin & Agnes Reynolds
    Reynolds, Mary & daus Annie, Lula, Ethel
    Reynolds, Mary & Ellen Mims Warr & Jane Privette
    Reynolds, Mary Alice Hendrix
    Reynolds, Mary Hendrix
    Reynolds, Purlie Houston Sr. # 1
    Reynolds, Purlie Houston Sr. # 2
    Reynolds, Purlie Houston & Lou Mood Alexander # 1
    Reynolds, Purlie Houston & Lou Mood Alexander # 2
    Reynolds, Purlie Houston Sr. adult children
    Reynolds, Robert Houston Sr. 1968
    Reynolds, Robert Houston wife Connie Smith son Robert Jr. 1983
    Reynolds, William James Peter & wife Mary Olivia Raines
    Sandel, Lula Nov 20 1877
    Sansbury, Charlie & wife Emma
    Sansbury, Charlie
    Sansbury, Tom & wife Jane Hendrix Sansbury
    Severanie, Mary Margaret wife of Dewitt Fields
    Severanie's, Paul Son
    Simpson, Ella Large & Molly Large Johnson
    Stuckey, Robert Wheeler & wife Ada Louise Rose Stuckey & son
    Stuckey, Thursa Ann 1860s
    Stuckey, Thursa Ann
    Stuckey, Walter Lee

   Windham, James Boyd & Clara Reynolds
   Windham, Ray & James K. (Bubba) Windham
   Windham, Sarah Tabitha Reynolds
   Yarborough, Mr. & Mrs. William & Boys