Old Darlington District Genealogy 
Chapter of The South Carolina 
Genealogical Society

Membership Information


The Old Darlington District has over 400 Individual, Family and Associate members representing more than 35 states and one overseas address. Thanks for your continued support of our chapter!

   Membership Information

Six categories of membership:

       Associate: $20.00 (Associate Member must be a member of another SCGS Chapter)
        Individual: $25.00
        Family: $30.00
        Patron: $50.00   (
        Benefactor: $100.00  (
        Lifetime: $1000.00 (payable $250/year for 4 years)

Members receive the following benefits: Darlington Flag (over 40 pages per issue), free query publishing, inclusion in the surname listing for the Old Darlington District, and membership in the SCGS. SCGS members receive The Carolina Herald and Newsletter, a quarterly publication devoted to SC research. Members also are eligible to participate in the Society's Summer workshop and Fall Annual Meeting.

The Membership Application form can used to apply for membership and submit donations to the ODDC. Membership applications cannot be processed using the Internet! Please print the member application and mail to;
Old Darlington District Chapter
P. O. Box 175
Hartsville, SC 29551-0175

Gift memberships: this is an excellent gift for a birthday or to thank someone for their help! If you have a family member who is new to genealogy (or if you are trying to get someone interested in preserving your family history), this makes a wonderful gift could last beyond a year or a lifetime! And at such a low cost!! Please send the application to us, include your name and address, and note it is a "GIFT". We will let the recipient know of your kindness!

As our chapter continues to maintain a growing research center, we need the support and help of our entire membership. What can you do?

       Start or Renew your membership now!!

    Encourage others to join!

    Help make the Library a success! Donations of time, money, books, newsletters, 
         folding chairs, tables, file cabinets, postage stamps, three ring binders, and countless
         other things are needed. Your donation may be given in honor of a living relative or as 
         a memorial to a loved one.

    Volunteer!! Help is needed to keep the library open and for other projects.


The library is open now, visit it! If you live outside South Carolina...think about visiting the Library during your next research trip. It is open  Saturdays, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Sundays, 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. Mondays, 1:00 To 5:00 p.m. Open by Appointment Call: the Hartsville Research Library at 843-857-0330 or call Doris Bateman (843) 332-2588 or call John Andrews (843) 332 - 1071

Don't miss an issue of the Flag or an opportunity to further your research!! Join the Old Darlington District Chapter, mail your Membership Application today.

If your research does not include the Old Darlington District, please consider joining a genealogical society that includes your town/county of interest.

Query Submission
On this Web Site

Queries can be posted on this Web Site by signing the guest book and posting your query. Queries can be viewed by viewing the guest book. Both are located on the Main Page. 

Query Submission
In the Darlington Flag Newsletter

Members may email: Editor, Darlington Flag with your queries.

Non-members should send a letter and $2.00 per query for publication in the Darlington Flag. Send to: Old Darlington District Chapter, P.O. Box 175, Hartsville, SC 29550-0175

Queries published in the Flag reach over 400 members.

Our Chapter's policy to exchange newsletters with other SCGS Chapters increases the visibility of your query to countless numbers of researchers. Our subscription list includes libraries and research centers that maintain special collections of genealogical materials -- again, increasing the visibility of your query among persons who are interested in Old Darlington District research.

ODDC cooperates with the S.C. project of USGenWeb for submission of queries for S.C. Counties. These sites are members of the S.C. project and will post queries for you on their site on the internet. Each site is responsible for queries and issues guidance on submission.

It is up to you to determine the potential audience that may be interested in your surname or research interest. Our experience is that some persons are not computer literate and/or have limited access to computers. So, publishing a query makes sense if you think about the number of persons who are doing genealogy off-line. Also, files on the Internet can change from month to month...your query in the Flag is forever. Remember: libraries and researchers tend to keep back issues for years.

To post a query to the SCGenWeb project for the Darlington SC area on the internet go to the Darlington County Page

To contact the SC Genealogical Society:

South Carolina Genealogical Society, Inc.
P.O. Box 492
Columbia, SC 29202