Old Darlington District Chapter

of the

South Carolina Genealogical Society

Hartsville Genealogical Research Library
114 South Fourth Street
(mailing address P.O. Box 175)
Hartsville, SC 29551-0175


click to enlarge photo     The Old Darlington District Chapter of the South Carolina Genealogical Society invites you to visit our research library located at 114 South Fourth Street, Hartsville, SC (Old Train Depot). The train depot was built in 1907.  Our  mission is to collect, preserve, and make available the genealogical and historical heritage of the Old Darlington District of South Carolina. The Old Darlington District Chapter, SCGC has members is 32 states and has been visited by people from 39 states. View map of members and visitors home state map.

click to enlarge photoThe Hartsville Genealogical Research Library has a large genealogical collection of books, newsletters, maps from all across South & North Carolina and the SE USA. We have many published Colonial, State and County records, cemetery surveys from various SC counties, published collections of primary records, etc. These collections continue to expand.

Chesterfield County, SC is a “burned county” therefore research in this county is very difficult. Our library is the home of two very important genealogical collections: the Doris G. Gandy Chesterfield Surname Collection and the Marie G. Wiggins Chesterfield Genealogical Collection. Both collections are the result of decades of research into hundreds of Chesterfield County families by these two talented researchers. Copies of numerous Chesterfield County Equity cases are also available.

click to enlarge photo     Also, you can find an entire collection of the N.C. Genealogical Society Journal plus many books, newsletters, microfilm and microfiche to help you in your North Carolina Research.

      The Hartsville Genealogical Research Library has a great selection of genealogical materials from a majority of the fifty states with concentrations in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Texas, and Virginia.



P6150248.JPG (37300 bytes)The following genealogical collections are available:
1. Shirley T. Burford – Various States with a concentration of S.C. & N.C. materials
  2.  Carrie Lee Kalber – Beaufort County, SC – Erwin, Lawton, and Allied Families
 Edwin Lavin Large, Jr. – Large, Hendrix, Reynolds and Allied Families
click to enlarge photo  4.  Edwin Lavin Large, Jr. – Large Photograph Collection

  5.  Jill King Lyles – Welsh Neck Baptist Association, 1730’s – 1990’s
 Daniel Moses – African American Photograph Collection
 John Carroll Skinner – All areas of South Carolina
 Carson Steen – Hartsville Oral History Collection


Other resources that are available to the researchers are:

1.   Published Family Genealogies
2.   Family Surname Newsletters
   Map Collection from all across the United States
4.   Photograph Collection
5.   Darlington District Cemetery Surveys
 6.   Chesterfield District Cemetery Surveys
7.    E. M. Floyd, Jr. Law Library

The Library has made several acquisitions over the years; some of these may be new to you:


2006 Acquisitions

2007 Acquisitions

2008 Acquisitions

2009 Acquisitions

2010 Acquisitions

2011 Acquisitions



Microfilm, Microfiche and CD Collections

The Library has available for purchase one of the widest selection of genealogical books pertaining to Darlington and Chesterfield Counties. All books are reasonably priced and many are by local authors.  The Library currently has 139 publications available for purchase.

 In keeping with our mission, the Old Darlington District Chapter, SCGS has published over 20 books and publications.  These include:  Darlington District, SC Cemetery Survey Volumes I – V; Mount Hope Cemetery Florence, SC: List of Burials; The Union Dead of the Florence Stockade; Death and Marriage Notices from the Darlington News, 1890 – 1895; Death and Marriage Notices from 19th Century Florence, SC Newspapers; Genealogical Abstracts from the Darlington Herald, 1890 – 1894; Genealogical Abstracts from the Darlington Flag, 1851 – 1861; Births, Deaths, & Marriages from Timmonsville, SC Newspapers Late 19th & 20th Centuries; Florence, SC Birth & Death Registrations 1895 – 1906; History of Gum Branch Baptist Church 1789 – 1989; Descendants of Ephraim & Elizabeth Hendrix, 1770 – 1990; Descendants of David & Martha Large; Descendants of William & Mary Reynolds; and 3 indices to our newsletter, the Darlington Flag.

We are a nonprofit organization and staffed by volunteers. We would appreciate you sharing with us any old records (published genealogies, family sheets, lineage charts, wills, obituaries, deeds, land plats, photos, family Bibles, etc.) you may have pertaining to your family that would help our patrons in their research. We appreciate any help that you can give us, either by donating or let us copy them for our files. 

Our Federal ID Number is 23-7348141

We welcome you to visit and use our Research Library.      Our staff will be glad to help you.          Our hours of operation are: 

Saturday -  10 a.m. -  3p.m.

Monday - 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. 

Please see Contact page for additional information on closings, meeting and more.

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 175

Hartsville, SC 29551-0175

Telephone:                           (843) 857-0300

Location Address:                                              114 South Fourth Street, Hartsville, South Carolina

Old Darlington District Chapter, SCGS

Officers and Appointed Positions



President - Lynn W. Lee


1st Vice President - John L. Andrews,  Jr.

2nd Vice President - Robert M. DeFee

Secretary - Judy N. Knight

Treasurer = Lynn W. Lee

Chapter Representative – John L. Andrews, Jr.

 Darlington Flag Editor - John L. Andrews, Jr.

Web Master – Janis Mahaffey


Board Member - Doris G. Gandy

Board Member - Judy N. Knight

Board Member - Renee Brown-Bryant

Board Member – Marilyn Trevino

Board Member - Lee Galloway








Send in your application and membership fee now to join The Old Darlington District Chapter of the South Carolina Genealogical Society. In return you will receive 4 issues 
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with queries from all over the world. If you wish to become part of our genealogical chapter and receive one of the most informative newsletters published, please see
Membership Information to join. If you would like to submit an article of interest in the Old Darlington District to be published in the Darlington Flag and/or on this Web Site:
e-mail information to the Editor and your email will be forwarded to the appropriate Officer or Committee Member.

If your research does not include the Old Darlington District, please consider joining a genealogical society that includes your town/county of interest.

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