2008 Acquisitions




South Carolina’s Williamsburg: A Collection of Articles appearing in the News of Kingstree, South Carolina July 11, 2001 – August 4, 2004;Beaufort, South Carolina: and  A History; Anderson County, South Carolina Heritage.


Bounty and Land Grants in British Colonial America


Directory of Scottish Settlers in North America, 1625 - 1825, Volume VI


William Lee and Alice Irwin: Early Settlers in Australia


Our Knudt Arfst Knudtsen Family and Their Descendants Into 8 Generations in Germany, United States, Australia, Canada



South Carolina’s Royal Grants Volume Three: Grant Books 18 Through 24 1765 – 1773


 A Window in Time: Dale County, Alabama 1860


Burying Grounds, Graveyards and Cemeteries, Laurens County, SC, Volume Three: Forest Lawn Cemetery, Laurens, SC, Rosemont Cemetery, Clinton, SC


Proprietary Records of South Carolina, Volume Three, Abstracts of the Records of the Surveyor General of the Province, Charles Towne 1678 – 1698


South Carolina 1860 Agricultural Census Volumes 1, 2, & 3


Mecklenburg County, NC: Minutes of the Court of Common Pleas & Quarter Sessions 1774 – 1780


 Mecklenburg County, NC: Abstracts of Deed Books 24 – 28 & Books 1, - 3, Second Series, 1831 – 1850


 Abstracts of South Carolina Plats, Books 17, 18, and 19 (1784 – 1787) and Oversized Plats


 Burying Grounds, Graveyards, and Cemeteries Laurens County, SC, Volume Three


They Came in Ships: A Guide to Finding Your Immigrant Ancestor’s Arrival Record


 Burying Grounds, Graveyards, and Cemeteries Laurens County, SC, Volumes One and Two.


Genealogy of a Lee Family Mainly of Old Williamsburg District, Present Day Florence County, SC; Printed Sources: A Guide to Published Genealogical Records


The Source: A Guidebook of American Genealogy


Descendants of Joseph Isgett



The Retrospect (Hartsville High School), 1974 and 1975


Taps (Clemson College), 1950


Genealogist’s Address Book; North Carolina County Maps, 1800; and Steadfast to the Last: South Carolina Soldiers and Citizens Paroled With the Army of Northern Virginia and the Army of Tennessee at Appomattox C.H., VA and Greensboro, NC April 9th and 26th, 1865.


Family Maps of Barbour County, AL


Family Maps of Dale County, AL.


Black Family Research: Records of Post Civil War Agencies at the National Archives


Military Service Records at the National Archives


Using Civilian Records for Genealogical Research in the National Archives, Washington, DC Area.


Hartsville City Directory, 1961.


Directory of Scottish Settlers in North America 1626 – 1825 Volumes I and III.


An American Family; Brief History of Medicine in the Spartanburg Region

History of Pendleton Street Baptist Church Greenville, SC 1889 – 1985


Abstracts of Conveyances: Marlborough County, SC Volume A-1 and AA, 1786 – 1796


 Abstracts of Conveyances: Marlborough County, SC 1786 - 1799, Marlboro District, SC 1802 – 1808 Volume B-1, B, and E-1


Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Volume I


Chained to Virginia While Carolina Bleeds: The Civil War Correspondence of Henry Woodbury Moore and James Washington Moore, Gillisonville, Beaufort District, SC


Correct Mispronunciations of Some South Carolina Names


DAR Patriot Index: An Index to the Spouses of the DAR Patriots


DAR Patriot Index (Centennial Edition) Parts I, II, & III


Early Pee Dee Settlers, Part II


Evidence: Citation and Analysis for the Family Historian


Federal Road Through Georgia and the Creek Nation and Alabama 1806 – 1836


Frontier in the Colonial South: South Carolina Backcountry, 1736 – 1800 


Genealogical Record with Reminiscences of the Richardson and Buford Families


History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography, Volume II


 History of Anson County, NC 1750 – 1976


Huguenot Genealogies: A Revised Selected Preliminary List, 2001


 Index to Alabama Wills, 1808 – 1870


Lost Tribes of NC Part I: Index and Digest to Hathaway’s North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register


 Lost Tribes of NC Part II: Colonial Granville County and Its People


 Lost Tribes of NC Part III: The Mecklenburg Signers and Their Neighbor


 Lost Tribes of NC Part IV: Old Albemarle and Its Absentee Landlords


 North Carolina Genealogical Research


 Miscellaneous Alabama Newspaper Abstracts, Volume I


 Old Tuskaloosa Land Officer Records & Military Warrants 1821 – 1855


 Pioneers and Residents of West Central Alabama Prior to the Civil War


Religion and Politics in Colonial South Carolina


South Carolina’s Distinguished Women of Laurens County


South Carolina Marriages Volume IV, 1787 – 1875 Implied in the Miscellaneous Records of South Carolina


South Carolina Marriages Volume V, 1749 – 1853 Implied in South Carolina Marriages


South Carolina Marriages Volume VII, 1794 – 1877 Implied in the Miscellaneous Records and Marriage Settlements of South Carolina


University of West Alabama Alumni Directory 1999


Welsh Settlement of Pennsylvania.


Darlington District Cemetery Survey, Volume VI: Cemeteries Located in Present Day Florence County, SC and Corrections and Additions to Previous Volumes


Images of America: Darlington County


Lt. Bill Farrow Doolittle Raider


 Slave Narratives From the Federal Writer’s Project, 1936 – 1938: South Carolina


 A Geography of the Carolinas; Vital Rails: The Charleston and Savannah Railroad in the Civil War in Coastal South Carolina


 Steadfast to the Last: South Carolina Soldiers and Citizens Paroled With the Army of Northern Virginia and the Army of Tennessee at Appomattox C.H., VA and Greensboro, NC April 9th and 26th, 1865


 Marriages and Obituaries From the Macon Messenger, 1818 – 1865


 Charleston District, SC Journal of the Court of Ordinary, 1812 – 1830


 Virginia Historical Genealogies; American Wills & Administrations in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1610 – 1857.


North Louisiana History


Florence County, SC Cemeteries; Florence County, SC Cemeteries Volume II


Florence County, SC Cemeteries Volume III.


We Were Soldiers Too! A History and Roster of Ward’s 7th Battalion South Carolina Reserves.


South Carolina in the Spanish American War: Historical roster and Itinerary of South Carolina Volunteer Troops Who Served in the Late War Between the United States and Spain, 1898, Coupled with Brief Sketches of their Movements from the Beginning to the Ending of the Conflict


SC Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulations Division of Professional & Occupational Licensing: Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, 1995 – 1996


Recollections and Reminiscences 1861 – 1865 Through World War I, Volume XII.



Jeannine Walton Talwar Collection


The Old Darlington District Chapter, SCGS is happy to announce the acquisition of the accumulated genealogical research of Jeannine Walton Talwar of Grant’s Pass, OR. Mrs. Talwar has extensive genealogical ties to Darlington County and the Pee Dee region of South Carolina. This collection is housed at the Hartsville Genealogical Research Library. We thank Mrs. Talwar for her generosity. An inventory of this collection is presented below.



3-Ring Binders: (1) Family of Cornelius Keith Weatherford and daughter Dora & descendants; (2) Descendants of Julius Keith & Julia C. Weatherford families; (3) Family of Henry Calvin Weatherford & Coker relatives of spouse; (4) Weatherford Lines Correspondence; (5) Ancestor Reports: Mary Cornelius Weatherford, Jesse Weatherford, William Odem; (6) Keith Family of Cornelius Keith Weatherford; (7) Cornelius Keith Weatherford issue: Fannie Elizabeth & Bertha Lee; (8) Cornelius Keith Weatherford issue: Benjamin, Mary Cornelius, & Susannah Louise; (9) Cornelius Keith Weatherford & Spouse #1- Francis McLaughlin & Spouse #2 Mary Elizabeth Odom; (10) Levi Gray & Descendants (children 1 – 4); (11) Levi Gray & Descendants (children 5 – 9); (12) “Regulations for the Army of the Confederate States, 1864; (13) Odom Family Documents; (14) Collateral and Extended Lines from Children of Levi Gray and Ann (Hannah) Newberry found in Darlington District and Florence County, SC as of March 2003 by Jeannine Walton Talwar; and (15) The Family of Jesse Weatherford and Constantine Elizabeth Keith Including an Analysis by Jeannine Walton Talwar of a Possible Earlier Jesse Weatherford Family in Darlington District, SC.



File #1 (a) “One Gal’s Family”, research of A.C. Odom c. 1977 from the Darlington County Historical Commission; (b) Jacob Odom, Sr. Family Group Sheet and Will of Jacob Odom; (c) Jacob Odom, Jr. Family Group Sheet (d) Darlington Deed: Jacob Odom to Jessie Flowers; (e) Darlington Deed: Jesse Flowers to Jacob Odom; (f) Darlington Deed: Samuel Gardner to Jacob Odom, Jr.; (g) Darlington Deed: George Bruce to Jacob Odom; (f) Darlington Deed: Jesse Flowers to Jacob Odom, Sr.; (g) Darlington Plat: Joseph Oliver; (h) Darlington Deed: Elias Godwin to Jacob Odom; (i) Darlington Deed: Andrew Muldrow to Jacob Odom, Sr.; (j) Darlington Deed: Jacob Odom, Sr. to Grandchildren; (k) Darlington Deed: Uriah Odom to Abigail Odom; (l) Darlington Plat: James Neele and Thomas Vincent; (m) Thomas Odom Family Group Sheet; (n) Darlington Probate: Will of Thomas Odom; (o) Darlington Deed: William E.F. Oliver and wife to Thomas Odom; (p) Darlington Deed: William T. Odom to David Smoot; (q) Darlington Deed: William Wingate to Thomas Odom; (r) Darlington Deed: Thomas Odom to James Garrison; (s) Darlington Deed: Thomas Odom to Levi N. Gray; and (t) Darlington Affidavit: Thomas Odom.


File #2 (a) Darlington Probate #1468: Susannah James; (b) Darlington Probate #1466: D.G. Odom; (c) Family Group Sheet: Daniel G. Odom; (d) Darlington Probate #1457 (Guardianship): Manley Odom & Elizabeth Odom, minors; (e) Darlington Probate: Will of Benjamin Odom; (f) Darlington Deed: Estate of Benjamin Odom to Hannah J. Rhodes; (g) Darlington Deed: Benjamin Odom to Zachariah Norwood; (h) Darlington Deed: Levi Odom to John M. Parrott; (i) Darlington Deed: Charles Bruce to Benjamin Odom; (j) Darlington Deed: Hyram H. Rugg to Levi Odom; (k) Darlington Deed: William T. Odom to Willis Cook; (l) Photographs of Darlington Deed Books; (m) Darlington Deed: Benjamin Odom to Thomas Odom; (n) and Family Group Sheets: Benjamin Odom Family.


File #3 (a) Darlington Equity #418: John Alexander James & Daniel G. Odom vs. Alexander P. Gray, et al; (b) Darlington Probate #83: Miller Byrd; (c) Darlington Probate #544: A. Muldrow, Sr.; Darlington Probate #634 John Stanley; (d) Darlington Probate #1109: Henry Wood; (e) Darlington Probate #1484: James F. Wilson; (f) Darlington Plat: Lands of Caleb Odom; (g) Darlington Deed: Caleb Odom, et al to Junius A. Law; (h) Darlington Deed: Benjamin Odom to Louis O. Dargan; (i) Darlington Deed: Edward D. Odom to Manuel Marco; (j) Darlington Lien: Nancy Odom to Graeser & Smith; (k) Darlington Lien: Eliza Odom to W.K. Ryan, Agent; (l) Darlington Lien: Nancy Odom to W.K. Ryan, Agent; (m) Darlington Agreement: James Gray to Mrs. Eliza Odom; (n) Darlington Summons for Debt: Eliza Odom vs. Sarah Gray; (o) Darlington Plat: H.J. Coker; (p) Darlington Deed: Mary M. Gray to Eliza Gray, et al; (q) Darlington Deed: Eliza Odom, et al to Mary E. Weatherford; (r) Darlington Plat: Lands of Caleb Odom; (s) Florence Deed: Mrs. E.H. Howe to M.E. Weatherford; (t) Darlington Plats: Mrs. Caleb Odom and Caleb Odom, distribution of lands; (u) Darlington Deed: Nicholas Bagget to Levi Doughty; (v) Florence Deed: S.I. Sulzbacher to Mary E. Weatherford; and (w) Florence Deed: C.D. Grimsley to Mrs. Mary E. Weatherford.


File #4 (a) Photographs of Tombstones. Atkinson Family; Beck Family; Blackman Family; Boswell Family; Byrd Family; Cole Family; Cox Family; Dickman Family; Flowers Family; Gamble Family; Gray Family; Hewitt Family; Houck Family; Humphries Family; James Family; Large Family, Lawhon Family; Lowery Family; Melton Family; Odom Family; Player Family; Redick Family; Rhodes Family; Rodgers Family; Saunders Family; and Weatherford Family; (b) Photographic Negatives; (c) Photographs of Individuals: Cornelius Keith Weatherford and spouse.


File #5 (a) A.B. Odom CSA Service Record; (b) Alexander Odom CSA Service Record; (c) Caleb Odom CSA Service Record; (d) D.G. Odom CSA Service Record; (e) Nathaniel Odom, Jr. CSA Service Record; (f) Peter Odom CSA Service Record; (g) UDC Application of Maude Weatherford Dickman; (h) C.K. Weatherford CSA Service Record; and (i) Rough Draft / Work-in-Progress “C.K. Weatherford --  Mary Odom Weatherford Family.”


File #6 (a) James Weatherford CSA Service Record; (b) John Weatherford CSA Service Record; (c) Darlington Deed Thomas Powe to John Weatherford; (d) Darlington Deed S.M. & Mary G. Weatherford to Walter Anderson; (e) Darlington Deed Thomas Weatherford to Andrew Hunter; (f) Charleston Deed Elias Weatherford to Charlotte Weatherford & three children; (g) Darlington Deed: Henry Cannon to William Weatherford; (h) Darlington Deed: Robert MacFarlan to Mary Weatherford; (i) photocopy pages “Jordan Kith and Kin;” (j) Darlington Probate #435: Jesse Newberry; (k) Typescript transcription of Clark Family Cemetery Pittsylvania County, VA; (l) Weatherford Family Bible (copy from the Virginia Historical Society); (m) Fertilizer Receipt with name of C.K. Weatherford and others; (n) Photocopy Welsh Neck Baptist Church 1882 - 1893 records; and (o) “Pee Dee Light Artillery of Maxcy Gregg’s Brigade…”; (p) Harllee Family letters.


File #7 (a) Grimsley Family of Charles Dawson Grimsley; (b) “Gray-Grey” England, Scotland, & Ireland To the New American Colonies;” (c) Correspondence Weatherford Research; (d) Boswell Family Bible photocopy (e) Darlington Deed: William T. & Frances Odom to John Whittington; (f) Miscellaneous Odom references; (g) Miscellaneous Beck references; (h) Jesse Boswell Descendant Chart; (i) Florence Deed: C.D. Grimsley to Mrs. Mary E. Weatherford; (j) Florence Deed: S.K. Sulzbacher to Mary E. Weatherford; (k) Florence Deed: Mrs. E.H. Howe to M.E. Weatherford; (l) Diary of James L. Kramer (transcription); (m) Benjamin Odom Inventory & Appraisal (transcription); (n) Florence Probate: Mrs. S.L. Grimsley; (o) obituary of J.A. Huggins, 1939; (p) Newspaper Article: “Witness of ’65 Discusses Living, Peedee Man Relates Vividly Experiences of War Between the States;” (p) Miscellaneous articles concerning Pee Dee Light Artillery; (q) Lineage Chart with Rev. John Weatherford as oldest Weatherford ancestor; (r) Newspaper article: Swift Creek Baptist Church; (s) Description of Hallie Covington Papers (Marion, SC); (t) Description of Bertha West Nealey Papers; (u) Description of Chapman James Milling Papers; and (v) “Bands and Drummer Boys of the Civil War.”


File #8 Levi N. Gray Estate (a) Darlington Probate: Petition for Administration; (b) Returns; (c) Citation; (d) Letter from Sarah F. Gray; (e) Warrant of Appraisement; (f) Bond; and (g) Inventory.


File #9  (a) Darlington Probate #791: Thomas Odom, photocopies and transcriptions; (b) Darlington Deed: Benjamin Odom to Thomas Odom; (c) Darlington Probate #197: Uriah Odom; and (d) Darlington Probate #1467: Thomas H. Odom.


File #10 (a) Darlington Probate #199: Jacob Odom, Jr.; and (b) Darlington Probate #199-A: Thomas Odom.


File #11 “The Parker Family of Johnston County, NC and Related Families.”

File #12 (a) Mount Hope Cemetery Map (Florence, SC); (b) List of Darlington County Cemeteries by Latitude & Longitude; (c) Newspaper Clipping “Florence Silver Cornet Band;” (d) Transcription of Two Diaries From Middle St. John’s Berkely, SC February – May, 1865: Susan R. Jervey and Charlotte St. J. Ravenel; (e) Minutes of the First Baptist Church, Florence, SC; (f) “One Gal’s Family”, research of A.C. Odom c. 1977 from the Darlington County Historical Commission; and (g) Timeline of the First Three Generations of Our Weatherford Family.

File #13 Loose Leaf Copy of The Jesse Weatherford Family of Darlington County, South Carolina, Eight Generations, compiled by Jeannine Walton Talwar, Generation Five.